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Entering Accruals

Accruals are entered on the “Firm/Vendors” screen on the “Accruals” Tab.  Accruals must be entered each month at the date and time your client communicates to you. For video instructions on accruals, please see: How to Enter Accruals

Note: This instruction uses the label “Firms/Vendors”.  Some client sites may use the label “Legal Counsel/Vendors” or “Law Firms/Vendors”.

1. From the home page, click the “Firms/Vendors” tab at the top of the screen.


2. On your firm’s profile, click the “Accruals” Tab. 


If the month you need to enter is not automatically displayed, click on the "Accruals Filter" bar to expand the filter. Select the month you need to enter, then filter.


Enter your accrued fees and expenses by matter in the "Accrued Fees" and "Accrued Expenses" fields. 


If a matter/claim has no accrued fees or expenses for the month, you can leave the fields blank. However, if you only have fees or only expenses for a matter, you will need to manually enter a "0" in the unused field.

If your firm has more than one page of matters on the Accruals tab, please save your accruals before moving between pages.

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