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Office Suite 2.X & 3.X Testing Practice


This quick guide is for testing Office Suite versions 2.X and 3.X at the same time. Please note, this is not a best practice.

Steps for Installation

  1. Get a basic, testing TeamConnect instance up.
  2. Install the 2.X version of Office Integration on the instance. This should add a settings section and some custom objects and categories.
  3. Install the Office Suite 3.X license on the instance.

Note: Because 3.X is not backwards compatible with 2.X, installing 3.X first will make it much more difficult and require a lot of manual effort to try to run the 2.X Office Integration design import. But installing the 2.X Office Integration version and then adding the 3.X Office Suite License will make the instance compatible with both 2.X and 3.X

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