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Routing Slips

Routing slips are a way of bringing either matters or documents to the attention of an individual from whom an action or response is needed. At this time, routing slips are for the use of Legal staff only, however, key personnel can see the routing slips on those matters to which they are assigned and have been given access.

When an individual assigned to a routing slip is not already on the matter's Legal team, that individual is included in a routing slip role. This enables them to view the matter and its documents, regardless of work group settings, and to respond to routing slips for that matter. Once the routing slips have been removed, individuals in a routing slip role are no longer assigned to the matter.

The Routing Slip tab within a matter allows you to view the routing slips, the individuals reviewing the slip, and the status of their reviews.

Routing Slips

Click on the icon in the View column or the individual's name to view the routing slip. The routing slip will always be for either a document or the matter record itself.

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