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Reassign Matters

Reassign an individual's matter assignments to another person within that firm/vendor's company.

The Reassign Matters hyperlink in the Application Administration | Firms & Vendors sidebar allows site administrators and super users to reassign an individual's matter assignments within a law firm or vendor company to another person within that same company (applies to open matter records only).

Reassign Matters Link

To reassign a matter:

  1. Select a firm or vendor from the drop-down list and click Go.
    Select Firm/Vendor
  2. Choose the person who's matter assignments you are moving in the "From Person" drop-down list.
  3. Select the person to whom you are moving those matter assignments in the "To Person" drop-down list.
  4. Click Continue.

    If the reassignment is successful, a green notice displays at the top of the page.

    To return to the vendor drop-down menu selection, click Reset.Select Person
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