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Captions & Switches

Manage captions and switches that are used within a matter for details and guidance.

With every firm/vendor record there are four "Yes"/"No" fields you can use for business guidance to staff members, reporting, etc.

The Captions & Switches hyperlink in the Application Administration | Firms & Vendors sidebar allows site administrators and super users to change the captions for these fields.

Captions and Switches Link

To modify a caption, simply change the text in the appropriate text box and then press [Tab] on your keyboard or click anywhere outside the box. The green switch icon confirms that the change is saved.

Captions for Badges

There are five badges for firms and vendors: Recommended (recommended_icon1), Preferred (preferred_icon), Approved (approved icon), Optional (afa_icon), and e-Billing (ebilling_icon). The Preferred, Approved, Optional, and e-Billing badges can be renamed to reflect the icon titles you would prefer to use for your list of firms/vendors. For example, here the "Optional" badge has been re-named to indicate that a firm/vendor has an AFA on file.

Captions for Badges

Additional Text Boxes

The data entered for the Additional Text Boxes appears in the Settings tab of a firm's or vendor's profile for additional data. You can rename any of the additional data fields to reflect information you would like to include for the firms and vendors in your Lawtrac database.

Captions for Additional Text Boxes

Miscellaneous Switches

Using this setting, control whether a firm/vendor's access to matter documents always defaults to on or off.

  • green switch—Feature is enabled ("on")
  • red switch—Feature is disabled ("off")

Note: When this setting is set to "on", whenever one of the in-house users uploads a new document to a matter you can see that activity in the document's information page (Document Management in the matter), the Firm/Vendor Access switch has also been set to "on". If this global setting is turned "off", then the Firm/Vendor Access switch for new documents is defaulted to "off" as well.

Miscellaneous Switches

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