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Access the Audit Log to View System Activity

Yes, there is an audit log that documents all user actions in Collaborati. 

To access the audit log

  1. Select the Admin tab from anywhere in the application.
  2. Click the History sub-navigation link.
  3. (optional) You can filter the history display by selecting from one or more of the following drop-down lists:
    • Type—Select from Error - displays critical issues; Warning - displays issues that are not critical; Information - displays general events.
    • Client—Select a client to view related events.
    • Class—Select from ClientScheduledJobsUser, or Office.
  1. The audit log of Collaborati user actions displays on the screen. The columns that display include:
    • ID—The event ID.
    • Type—The type of event based on severity. See above for potential types.
    • Class—The type of event based on Collaborati user type (User), account type (OfficeClient), or system-generated event (ScheduledJobs).
    • Message—The event description.
    • Date—The date and time of event occurrence.
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