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How to setup the Background approver Scheduled action

In this article we show how can you setup Background approver Scheduled action.
  1. Create a new ‘Group’ Account
    – ‘Background Approver’.
    -­‐Navigate to System Rights > User Rights and;
    -­‐Select ‘View all records’.
    -­‐Select ‘Edit all records’.
    -­‐Select ‘Create all records.’
    2. Create a new User account
    – ‘backgroundapprover’. The name must be exactly as mentioned.
    -­‐The ‘User Type’ must be ‘Super’.
    -­‐Navigate to ‘Group Memberships’ and add ‘Background Approver’.
    3. Update the required routes.
    -­‐Navigate to ‘Setup’.
    -­‐From the Go to…drop down > Routes.
    -­‐Click on the desired routes and add a new stop.
    -­‐‘Member Type’ – Group
    -­‐‘Member’ – ‘Background Approver’.
    4. Create the scheduled action rule
    -­‐Switch back to the user interface of TeamConnect.
    -­‐Navigate to All > Tools > Scheduled Actions.
    -­‐Click on the link ‘View Scheduled Actions folder’.
    -­‐Upload the file – ‘ScheduledApprovalAction.class’.
    -­‐Navigate back to the ‘Scheduled Actions’ page.
    -­‐Create the scheduled action as follows. The values associated to ‘Repeat’, / ‘Start Time’ can be changed based on the requirement.
    -­‐Click on the ‘Add’ button.
    -­‐The scheduled action should be created as follows;
    5. Testing the rule.
    -­‐Create an invoice and push it in workflow.
    -­‐The workflow must now have the ‘backgroundapprover’ as the last stop member.
    -­‐Approve the invoice until the ‘backgroundapprover’ is the current stop.
    -­‐The rule utilizes the Rule logger to DEBUG and the XML logger to DEBUG. Make sure that these loggers are set to DEBUG.
    -­‐Navigate to ‘Scheduled Actions’.
    -­‐Click on the ‘Run Now’ button for the ‘Background Approver
    -­‐ Auto Approve’ rule.
    -­‐Once the rule completes, the test invoice must be directly posted. Check the ‘Approval History’ as well.
    -­‐The logs associated to the ‘XML Appender’ will display the invoice name that was auto approved.

Also attached is a PDF that can be sent out with these steps an screenshots, and the class file


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