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Instructions on Design Snapshot

This page provides the instructions on how to retrieve the Design Snapshot and Production Instance Version Information on TeamConnect.

Retrieve A Design Snapshot 

Follow the below instructions to retrieve the design snapshot on TeamConnect:

Instructions Screenshot for reference
1) In the setup screen, go to Tools and select ‘Design Snapshot’ clipboard_e13a84e7f4dc294b4de870d7b0fad83dc.png
2) Enter a Note and click on ‘Create Snapshot’ clipboard_e0989e24b841aa6adad5a34b6daa41434.png
3) This will create a zip file with all of the design elements (no data): clipboard_ef55bfafca6611e15784edaeb63e8ab4d.png

4) The zip file is located in the ‘Documents > Top Level-> System Folder -> Design Versions’ folder.

Note: This file can be checked out to your desktop and then emailed/ftp’d/unzipped/etc.


Production Instance Version Information

To get the production instance version information on TeamConnect, navigate to Admin > Admin Settings > About > Instance Information:

Note:  Admin should have administrative rights to access this information.

Take a screen shot of the Instance Information block as shown below and share it to Upgrades Included team.


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