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Questions and answers from the "Reducing Outside Counsel Spend Using TeamConnect" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

Can the notification templates on rules go to the supplier and link to Collaborati or is it only for TeamConnect users/objects?

The notification template is used for TeamConnect administrators to design email notifications that are based on rules in the application.  It is not used to actually send information to the supplier or Collaborati. 

How does changing a person change the workflow history?

The change in workflow is recorded in workflow history and is visible from the Workflow Manager. 

If an invoice is re-assigned for approval will other members of the previous workflow be affected? 

Only the individuals involved in the reassignment are affected.  The rest of the workflow remains the same. 

Can the text on out of the box validation messages be updated?

Yes, the warning text can be updated in Setup, under Tools and Invoice Validation Rule Setting.

Can documents, besides the Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines, be saved to a vendor in Collaborati?

Yes, other documents can be saved to Collaborati for vendor reference.  The documents can be associated to all vendors or one specific vendor during the process of sharing the document in TeamConnect.   

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