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When closing a matter in TeamConnect Legal, I am prompted to take further steps. How do I complete closing a matter?

When closing a matter in TeamConnect Legal, I am prompted to take further steps.

When you try to close a matter in TeamConnect Legal, you may be prompted to (1) evaluate outside counsel attorney[s] and/or (2) to set the disposition date and description. 

Attorney evaluation is triggered when you change the phase of a matter from OPEN to CLOSE or from REOPEN TO CLOSE, and these conditions are true: 

1.) "Outside Counsel Attorney" exists and "Inactive Date [for involved Outside Counsel]" does not exist. 

(In other words, this matter has an outside counsel attorney assigned, and he is still active in your system.) 


2.) "Professional Skill", "Overall Cost Effectiveness", "Stays Within Budget", "Responsiveness" and "Overall Satisfaction" fields are *all* blank. 

Note for System Administrators: These conditions are controlled by a set of rules on the Dispute and Transaction object definitions. 

Please note that you must have appropriate rights to edit outside counsel records to complete this step. If you do not have proper rights, you will see an error message stating "You are not authorized to update contacts of type Outside Counsel Attorney or Outside Counsel Firm" when trying to save your outside counsel attorney evaluation. 

Note for System Administrators: This requirement is controlled by a pair of rules in the Contact object definition.

If you are prompted to evaluate an outside counsel attorney: 

Step 1. Select one of the outside counsel attorneys from the list of Dispute Outside Counsel on the General page: 

Step 2. This will open the involved party record for the outside counsel attorney. Edit the record, particularly in the Involved Party Outside Counsel Evaluation block. Evaluation is done by selecting a choice from each drop-down list. Additional notes can be added to the Comments field. Save the record. 

After this is done, you may be able to close the matter; alternatively you may be prompted that "Disposition Date and Description should be populated before closing a matter." I

To edit Disposition information: 

Step 1. Go to the Disposition screen by clicking on "Disposition" in the left-hand menu: 

Step 2. You will need to edit at a minimum the disposition type, date and description fields, and then save the matter. 

You should now be able to close the matter (that is, change the matter phase to CLOSED).

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