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How to Create Category for Custom Object

This is how you can create Category for Custom Object.

 Q: How can I create categories for custom object?

A: Categories are a useful tool for custom objects. They allow you to create separate custom fields for different categories, and increase security by limiting users to certain categories within an object. To create categories for your object, navigate to the “Categories” tab in the Object Definition. All Categories exist in a hierarchy, and the object name is the root node.

TCKB - How to Create Category for Custom Object (image 1).png

This screenshot shows how category hierarchy works within the dispute object. You can see that Employment is an item underneath the Dispute node. Employment has its own child categories, and one of them (Discrimination) has child categories of its own. So you could have an Age Discrimination Employment Dispute.

To create your own categories, start by inputting some main categories under the root node. For subcategories, select the node you want them to go under in the “Show items in node” lookup table, and then you will be able create your desired categories.