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Enabling,Disabling and Testing Clickjacking in TeamConnect


Clickjacking Protection is a security feature which prevents loading of TeamConnect in a frame. By default, TeamConnect does not allow itself to be loaded in an iframe or x-frame window. This setting should only be changed if you are using TeamConnect within a secured environment and you understand the implications of disabling it.


This setting is present in and enabled by default or you could set the value to false to enable it if it's disabled.






You can test it by any online iframe embedding or

create a html page by pasting the following in a notepad and save it as .html

<iframe src="http://localhost:8092/TeamConnect-6.2.2/login" height="200" width="300" title="Clickjacking Test"></iframe>

Open the html page in a browser and check if the teamconnect login page is displayed in 200x300 box or not.

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