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DMT - How to Generate a Diff

Goal :

This page will walk you through how to do a design diff on 2 different Teamconnect Designs.

Prerequisistes :

2 Designs exported from Teamconnect.

DMT of the same Teamconnect version can be found at this location ( Teamconnect folder on medusa or the extracted folder by the installer -> utilities -> install) 


Steps :

Run the Diff 

Place JDBC driver (ex. OJDBC8 or SQLJDBC42 for TCE 6.2) lib directory inside the DMT folder 

Copy the design folders into your DMT folder at root level

There will be a '' file at the root location of DMT 

Modify your file to point to the two design folders. Don't forget the to replace any \ with \\<<new design>><<old design>><<new design>>-<<old design>>

It would create a diff between new and old designs, and store the diff (changes between the two designs) in a new folder <<new design>>-<<old design>>

Run diff.bat. If it succeeds, continue to the next step.


If there are differences between the designs then the output is put into the specified diff directory, if the directory does not exist it will be created.

If there are no differences between the designs then there is no output in the diff directory and the diff directory is not created.

Use the design to import into your instance which essentially "updates" the design on the instance.

The goal of the DMT diff is to find out what operations are necessary to take any changes from your source design and import into your destination design.

The destination design will match your source design after a DMT import,  By first figuring out what the differences between the source design and the
destination design.

Anything from source will be inserted/updated/deleted.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.

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