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Creating a Public Search View

1. Go to Setup, located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

2. Click on the Go To… drop down list and select Object Definitions.

3. Once in the Object Definitions page, select the Object for which you want to create the custom search

TCKB - Creating a Public Search View (Image 1).png


4.​ Inside the Object page, select the Search Views tab and create a new search view  

5. After the Search View has been successfully created, click Save and Close (Remember to Refresh the Object Definition page after saving the new search).

6. Close the Setup page and go back to the front end.

7. Logout and log back into TeamConnect and go to the object for which the search was created.

8. Once in the Object’s page, click on the Manage link located in the left pane. 

TCKB - Creating a Public Search View (Image 2).png


9. Next, select Subscribe to Project Collection. 

TCKB - Creating a Public Search View (Image 3).png


10. Now, select the searches you would like to subscribe to and click Subscribe. 

TCKB - Creating a Public Search View (Image 4).png


11. When redirected back to the Manage Collections page click Update and go back to the object’s page.

12. Now you will see the new search you just subscribed to.

TCKB - Creating a Public Search View (Image 5).png

Note: When creating the search View, select Object Collection under the General tab so users may be able to subscribe.  

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