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Why do I receive a message that a “System Error Has Occurred” when I try to log?

Here's the solution to “System Error Has Occurred” problem.

At times, users may experience difficulty logging into TeamConnect whereby their attempts are met
with the error screen pictured below. Often, a refresh of the page or a second attempt at logging in can
complete the log in process.

TCKB - Error when Logging (Image 1).png

If this message screen is also accompanied with an error in the system log regarding the request having “no context id”, this issue is likely the result of a user entering an incomplete URL at the login screen. 

To correct this issue, please add “/login” to the URL at the user’s login in screen. For example, if a user were to attempt logging in through http://<example>/TeamConnect, that user would be met with the error screen shown above. By adjusting the URL to http://<example>/TeamConnect/login or http://<example>/TeamConnect/standardLogin, this issue should be corrected and the user will be able to log into TeamConnect on his or her first attempt. Note: If you have created a bookmark for your TeamConnect login page, please be sure to update this bookmark with the corrected login URL.

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