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Why is it that after I attempt to approve a new TK for a Vendor, it takes me to the end of the wizard, but it is still shows the same TK as a new unauthorized TK?

"Other Timekeeper" Contact Cards that are generated by TeamConnect must NOT be modified or used for any actual TKs in TeamConnect.


Steps to Reproduce:


1) Edit "Other Timekeeper" contact card with new TK first and last name > Save :: Contact Saves 

2) See Vendor with new TK link in CSM Tab > Select Link :: Directed to TK Authorization Wizard 

3) Select the modified "Other Timekeeper" contact card as the contact card for the TK 

4) Start the CSM sync 

5) See that the TK link will disappear after you complete the TK Authorization, but will re-appear after the CSM sync completes 

Also, the TK never actually gets authorized in TK or in Collaborati 




1) Go to modified "Other Timekeeper" contact card (currently renamed to match the name of the Vendor's new TK) 

2) Edit the modified "Other Timekeeper" contact card to read as "Other Timekeeper" instead of the name of the TK 

3) Create a new contact card with the name of the TK you're intending to approve 

4) Authorize TK with new contact card created 

5) See that upon syncing, that TK is authorized in both TC and Collaborati