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Getting Started

Welcome to TeamConnect Web Services. To get started building application interfaces with the TeamConnect system, follow these steps:
  1. Get comfortable with high-level concepts in this chapter.
  2. Decide which features of TeamConnect® Enterprise you'd like to use. Take a look through the section Supported Operations.
  3. Use the Web Service API Reference chapter to get a further idea of the types of requests you can make per repository or TeamConnect Web Service.
  4. Use your 3rd party SOAP toolkit to generate client-side source files and API for the TeamConnect Web Service .WSDL and schema (.XSD) files provided.
    The resulting client-side source files (in the programming language you will use for your client application) will provide more specific syntax for the repository, method, parameter, return names/values to use in your client application.
  5. `Create your client application.
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