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Code Samples (Java/Apache CXF)

This chapter provides additional code samples (snippets) for using Web Services when writing a JAVA client program and using the Apache CXF SOAP toolkit. Samples for the following Web Services are provided:
  • ContactRepository
  • AccountRepository
  • AppointmentRepository
  • DocumentRepository
  • ExpenseRepository
  • GroupAccountRepository
  • HistoryRepository
  • InvoiceRepository
  • ProjectRepository
  • InvolvedRepository
  • TaskRepository
  • UserAccountRepository

Each TeamConnect Web Service's or repository's sample code is provided by repository name in alphabetic order for ease of navigation. However the object types can be grouped conceptually like the following:

  • System Objects—AccountRepository, AppointmentRepository, ContactRepository, ExpenseRepository, InvoiceRepository, TaskRepository
    • DocumentRepository (this type of record can be stand-alone but is commonly associated with another record)
    • HistoryRepository (this type of record is always associated with another record, for capturing information about changes to the record information)
  • Custom Objects—ProjectRepository
    • InvolvedRepository (although a system object, this type of record is commonly associated with a project record)
  • Account Administration Objects—GroupAccountRepository, UserAccountRepository

Basic overview descriptions for common functions like inserting, updating, reading, searching, and deleting records are in the chapter, Getting Started under Common Functions.

Note: For JAVA code samples provided in this guide, JAX-WS and JAXB methods were used for JAVA XML Binding.

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