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List Field Tag Attributes

This guide provides an overview of List Field Tag Attributes.


Turns a list field, which by default is a drop-down list, into a radio button list. Enter "radio" to set the list field as a radio button list. For example:


<TCFIELD NAME="PerformanceReview" type="radio" />


<tc:field name="PerformanceReview" category="EMPL" type="radio" />

Note: You can define wizard parameters of type List as drop-down, radio, or check box lists (see Defining Parameters).


Controls the height of list fields by specifying the number of rows in the list to be displayed. For example:


<TCFIELD NAME="Gender" size="20" />


<tc:field name="Gender" category="EMPL" size="20" />

<tc:wizardParameter name="Gender" size="20" />


Includes a null value as the first item in a drop-down list. Enter "true" to include a null value in the list. That way, no item is selected by default.

Important: The allowNullValue attribute must be set to use nullValueDisplayString.


Specifies the first item displayed in a drop-down or radio button list. Enter a message that should appear as the first item in the list, such as Choose One. For example:


<TCFIELD NAME="Gender" allowNullValue="true" nullValueDisplayString="Please Select One" />


<tc:field name="Gender" category="EMPL" allowNullValue="true" nullValueDisplayString="Please Select One" />

<tc:wizardParameter name="Gender" allowNullValue="true" nullValueDisplayString="Please Select One" />

forceSelect and forceSearch

If forceSelect=true, the field will display a drop-down list when used as a search view filter criterion. If forceSearch=true, the field will instead display a search module field with auto-suggest functionality.

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