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Step 2: Upload RTF File to TeamConnect

Use this procedure to upload an RTF file to TeamConnect once it is ready to be mapped.

After uploading an RTF for the first time, you can modify it as needed while you are setting up mapping, for example, to modify your merge fields or document formatting. Use the Check Out and Check In buttons on the Documents screen to upload a modified version of the RTF. For details, see Modifying and Deleting Template Files.To upload an RTF file into TeamConnect

To upload an RTF file into TeamConnect

  1. Open the appropriate object definition and go to the object's folder.
  2. Open the Document Templates folder. See Opening the Document Templates Folder for more information.
    Tip: You can create subfolders inside of the Document Templates folder to organize your templates and then upload templates to those subfolders.
  3. Click Upload File on the toolbar.
    The Upload New File window opens.
  4. Click Browse in the Upload New File window and find the RTF file that you want to upload.
  5. Click Upload File.
    The Upload New File window closes.
    The RTF is listed on the screen, as shown in the Document Templates Folder Example image, with the Not Data Mapped icon image next to it. This icon indicates that no mapping has been saved for the RTF. After you perform data mapping, the icon is removed (even if the mapping is only partially completed).

After you upload the RTF file, you can map the merge fields in the RTF file to fields in TeamConnect.

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