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EInvcGroupAccess contains all information about Invoice Group Security Access.

Object: EInvcGroupAccess (E_INVC_GROUP_ACCESS)


Database column name

Field in UI

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Data type


Allow Deny Iid
ALLOW_DENY_IID         CHAR Allow Deny Iid
a - Allow
d - Deny
Enterprise Object Id ENTERPRISE_OBJECT_ID       TInvoice NUMBER Enterprise Object Id
Group Id GROUP_ID       YGroup NUMBER Group Id
Is Delete
IS_DELETE         NUMBER Is Delete
0 - No
1 - Yes
Is Manual -
IS_MANUAL         NUMBER Is Manual - Is the entry entered manually by user
0 - No
1 - Yes
Is Perm 
IS_PERM         NUMBER Is Perm - Give permission to other user
0 - No
1 - Yes
Is Read
IS_READ         NUMBER Is Read
0 - No
1 - Yes
Is Update
IS_UPDATE         NUMBER Is Update
0 - No
1 - Yes
Primary Key PRIMARY_KEY         NUMBER Primary Key
Version VERSION         NUMBER Version
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