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Using Qualifiers to Filter Sub-objects

This sample shows how you can use the qualifier attribute of tc:loop to refine the data that you want to retrieve.

It also shows how you can include different types of system fields as a qualifier.

This template is retrieving all of the active assignees within the selected claim. For each active assignee, it is retrieving:

  • The tasks that they perform where the rate is equal to $100.00.
  • Their skill level as an adjuster.
  • Their address within the city of Los Angeles.
  • The contacts that have a vendor relationship with them.

Boolean (Check Box)

<tc:loop select="AssigneeList" qualifier="IsActive=1">

<tc:data select="User"> <tc:data select="Contact">

<tc:data select="FirstName" /> <tc:data select="Name" /></ tc:data></tc:data>

<tc:data select="Type/Name" />

Date Assigned:
<tc:data select="AssignedOn" />

<tc:data select="User"> <tc:data select="Contact">


<tc:loop select="RateList" qualifier="RateAmount=100">Rate Information

Task Type
<tc:data select="TaskCategory/Name" />

<tc:data select="RateAmount" />

Effective From
<tc:data select="EffectiveFrom" />

Effective To
<tc:data select="EffectiveTo" />


List (Lookup Table)

<tc:loop select="SkillList" qualifier="Type_TreePosition=SKIL_ADST">Skill Information

<tc:data select="Type/Name" />

Level of Expertise
<tc:data select="SkillLevel" />



<tc:loop select="AddressList" qualifier="City=Los Angeles">Address Information

<tc:data select="Type/Name" /> Street <tc:data select="Street" /> City <tc:data select="City" />

<tc:data select="State" />

Postal Code
<tc:data select="PostalCode" />

<tc:data select="CountryItem/Name" />

Current On
<tc:data select="CurrentOn" />


Object (Another Record)

<tc:loop select="RightRelationList" qualifier="RightContact_DefaultCategory_TreePosition=CONT_VNDR">Conta ct Relations

<tc:data select="RightContact">

<tc:data select="FirstName" /> <tc:data select="Name" /></ tc:data>

<tc:data select="Type/Name" />

<tc:data select="RightContact">

Business Address:
<tc:loop select="AddressList" qualifier="Type_TreePosition=ADDR_BUS1">

<tc:data select="Street" /> City <tc:data select="City" /> State <tc:data select="State" />

Postal Code
<tc:data select="PostalCode" />




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