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Invoice Transfers Incomplete on TeamConnect Using WebLogic's JDBC Driver with Oracle

Explanation: If you are running TeamConnect with CSM on a WebLogic application server, using the Oracle JDBC driver that ships with WebLogic, you may notice that no data is synchronizing with Collaborati, even though synchronization shows as running in the CSM Settings screen (for example, expected invoices are not received in TeamConnect). Please check the default system log for a Java ClassCastException on a java.lang.Double.

Resolution: If you find this exception in the logs, we recommend configuring the WebLogic data source using the latest JDBC driver from Oracle.

Unable to start a connection between CSM and Collaborati

Explanation: If you are using an Oracle 10g database for TeamConnect and you are trying to test the connection between CSM Settings and Collaborati, start a connection between CSM Settings and Collaborati, or save an authorized timekeepers list in CSM Settings, if the following error displays:

Connection refused. Unrecognized CSM identifier. The <encrypted-database-instance-name>,
<encrypted-database-schema-name>, <database-schema-creation-date>, <last-csm-connection- date>
do not match the authorized info in Collaborati.

...then you may need to set an additional Oracle JVM parameter.

Resolution: Include the following setting in the JVM argument on the server on which TeamConnect is deployed:


For more details, see Oracle MetaLink documentation: Doc ID: Note:360422.1.

Why don't I see CSM Settings or why can't I open CSM Settings?

Explanation: If you have upgraded from TeamConnect 2.x to the current version, you need to do the following to open CSM Settings.

  1. Verify that your user is a member of the CSM Admin group. See the TeamConnect Administration Guide for more information.
  2. From the TeamConnect User area, from the All Services tab, select CSM Settings.
  3. From the resulting page, you need to click the All CSM Settings link from the left navigation pane the first time you open CSM Settings. Afterward, a table will appear in the page body with the Settings link available to open CSM Settings.

Why am I seeing warning messages on the CSM Settings Share Documents page or Vendor's Share Documents page?

Explanation: If you are logged in as a user that only belongs to the CSM Admin group and no other groups, you may not have sufficient rights to use the Share Documents page. From the Admin tab, you need to add your user to a group that has sufficient rights to work with TeamConnect Document records. See your system administrator for assistance.

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