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Expense Charges Exceed Acceptable Unit Costs

This rule ensures that all expense charges on the invoice are less than or equal to your company's specified unit costs for the appropriate time period. This validation rule is triggered on invoice creation and on invoice update.



If the submitted invoice's currency is different from the system Default Currency, this rule will not perform any validation on the invoice.

Note: This is an optional rule; do not set this rule if you do not wish to validate expenses for all vendors.

Field Descriptions:

  • This Rule is ActiveSelect this check box to activate the rule. If expense charges exceed acceptable unit costs on invoice line item creation/update, for each expense line item of the triggered invoice, the rule will be triggered. This means that a warning message will be inserted into each incompliant line item charge, unless the Auto-adjust incompliant charges to the maximum allowed unit cost option is checked.
  • Warning MessageType a warning message to display when this rule is triggered. If the expense unit price of a line item exceeds your company's specified unit costs (defined on the Invoice Line Item object definition, Expense Codes tab), this warning will be inserted into the line item. The default warning message is: "Expense exceeds the maximum allowed unit cost of %s /unit", where "%s" is used to display the specified unit cost.
  • Auto-adjust incompliant charges to the maximum allowed unit cost—If this option is checked, the expense line item unit price that exceeds your company's specified unit costs will be auto-adjusted to the maximum allowed unit cost. The adjustment reason will be defined in the rule parameter "Adjustment reason", if one exists. The Adjusted By value will be System.
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