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This section provides answers to questions that you may have while using SOP Manager.

Q: Why did the connection to my RA fail?

A: Either your authentication was incorrect or the connection to the RA was down. To verify that your authentication is correct, see Configuring Connection Settings.

All Registered Agents schedule down time for regular maintenance. Please check with your RA for the current downtime schedule.

Q: For CSC, why don't I see all of the fields that are in my record after it is retrieved to TeamConnect?

A: Your record may have custom attributes as part of the SOP XML. To ensure that you can see these custom attributes in your TeamConnect SOP record, under the root category of the Service of Process - CSC object definition, your system administrator must add field names that match the custom attribute names that are in your SOP XML. Once this is done, when an SOP record is created, the custom attributes in the retrieved XML will be copied into the new custom fields.

If the Test Connection to CT Fails

If you are using WebSphere and you cannot connect to the CT RA, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop WebSphere.
  2. Delete the CTSOPService.wsdl file. The location of this file is listed in the log file.
  3. Re-start WebSphere, and then log in as SOPProcessManager.
    Before you continue, it is recommended that you set the Rule logger to Debug.
  4. Open the Connection page and click Test Connection again.
    A new CTSOPService.wsdl file is created and the connection is established.
    If an error message appears, contact Customer Support.
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