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Working with SOP Manager User Groups

This  section explains the process of working with SOP Manager user groups.

User groups are a set of users who have similar job functions in your organization, such as dispute attorneys, paralegals, or system administrators. These job functions reflect the tasks that they perform using SOP Manager, such as reviewing SOP records or using the Map Service of Process tool.

When SOP Manager is installed, the following user groups are created by default:

  • SOPAdmin—Allows access rights to the Map Service of Process tool and SOP Settings.
  • SOPProcessManager—Allows access rights to the Home Page, SOP records, related search views, and SOP Settings.

To perform SOP Manager tasks, users must be assigned to one or both groups. If the access rights are not sufficient for a user's needs, the TeamConnect administrator can enable rights on an individual basis.

SOPApplication User

All automatic operations are performed as a user named SOPApplication. For example, whenever a matter is created, the user who created the matter is listed as SOPApplication.

Note: The SOPApplication rights may exceed those of the SOPProcessManager, allowing SOPApplication to create records or matters to which SOPProcessManager has no rights.

For specific instructions about users and groups, see User and Group Accounts.

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