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Java Classes

This section explains about Java Classes and how to attach this to a screen.

Java classes are custom files that are designed to customize functionality. Some examples of their use are generating conditions for if statements, generating batch displays, and populating advanced elements

For more information on creating custom Java classes, see Creating Custom Pages in the TeamConnect Enterprise Customization Help, and the Developer's Help for information on the TeamConnect API.

To attach a Java Class to a screen

  1. Click on the Java Classes tab. A list of Java classes available for use in the block is displayed in the Java Classes pane.
    This tab is not displayed by default. Select Java Classes from the View drop-down menu to make this tab appear.
  2. For each class that you want to use, drag it from the Java Classes pane to your desired position in the canvas. Java classes can be added to the following screen elements:
    • Block Templates
    • Screens (the canvas outside of Block Templates) when there is more than one Block Template
      • In this case, the Java class will be available to all Block Templates on the screen.
    • If Statements
      • In this case, the Java class will only be available under the conditions of the If Statement.
      • Another Java class outside the If Statement is required for the If Statement to function.
  3. In the Properties pane, enter an id for the Java Class.
  4. Add a reference to your added Java Class in properties of other desired elements.
    • Any other element that references the added Java Class must reference it by the id you enter in step 3. This will be of the form ${JavaClassID.methodName}
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