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TeamConnect Outlook Access Token 3.2+

This page contains the instructions for TeamConnect Outlook Alternative Token Access added in Office Suite version 3.2.



Notes about TeamConnect versions and compatible 3rd party software

  • The updated Create Matter from Outlook feature is only available to clients who are using TeamConnect 6.1 with the Office Suite 3.2 version. 
  • TeamConnect Essentials 6.1 does not support the Create Matter from Outlook feature.
  • Office Suite 3.2 does not support Office or Outlook 2013.



Office Suite 3.2 for Outlook now provides an alternative way to load an access token for the add-in.


The add-in will now automatically launch an authentication window through Internet Explorer when opening Outlook:


To log in using the previous method once you are in Outlook, go to the TeamConnect Ribbon:


Next, click the 'Settings' button:


Then uncheck the 'Login using Internet Explorer' box:

Note: This is the new default option, so when first installing the add-in it will be automatically checked.

The next time the user logs in, it will now prompt the old login method.

If you have any other issues, please consult one of the below or reach out to TeamConnect Support for assistance.

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