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Changing Matter Phases

Use the Change Phase button in the list view to change the phase of a matter. Each matter record goes through specific phases that move a matter along in its life cycle - from the beginning to the end of the matter.

The following default phases are provided:

  • Intake—Assigned to all matters when they are first created.
  • Open—Indicates that work has begun on this matter.
  • Closed—Indicates that the matter has reached a resolution. When selecting this phase, you may be prompted to enter specific information, such as an evaluation of outside counsel.
  • Reopen—Opens a closed matter.

You may see additional phases that are provided based on your company's needs.

Each time you select a new phase, the Change Phase drop-down list displays the next phase in the life cycle. You cannot skip a required phase or go back to a previous phase. For example, you cannot select Reopen after the Open phase; the current phase must be Closed to select Re- Open.

To change the phase of a matter

  1. Search for a matter and open it.
  2. Click Change Phase, and then select a phase from the drop-down list.

    Disputes Change Phase Button

The phase is changed and the new phase is automatically displayed in the Current Phase field on the General page of the matter record. 

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