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Syncing Deadlines with Aderant

This guide gives the information about how to sync the deadlines for matter.

If a trigger event updates in Aderant's servers because of a jurisdiction change, the main Assignee of the matter (or user who created the matter if there is no main Assignee) receives an email regarding the change. TeamConnect retrieves this email address from the user's contact information.

If you receive an email, you can update your system to sync with the date changes.

To sync deadlines

  1. Click the link in the email notification.
  2. From the Deadlines page, click the Sync Deadlines button.
  3. From the Change Notification page, review the changes to the deadline(s). The table on this page includes the following Change Types(s):
    • Date/Time—The New Date with the Old Date to compare.
    • Authority—The addition of the update number in the Authority column.
    • Description—The addition of the update number in the Description column.
  4. Click Apply Rule Changes to update the deadlines, and click Yes on the Apply Rule Changes popup.

To reject the changes, click Ignore Rule Changes on the Change Notification page. To sync the deadlines at another time, click Cancel on the Change Notification page.

Users with Deadlines 1.1.1+ are able to apply updates easily and efficiently from the Deadlines Settings page. This mass update feature is particularly useful when mass rule updates have been created by Aderant and all matters need to synchronize quickly.

  1. Navigate to the Deadlines Settings object.
  2. Select the Updates tab from the sidebar.
  3. All matters with change notifications pending will be visible on this page. Matters can be quickly synced with Deadlines by clicking the button under the Action column.
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