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Hosted Client Data Export FAQ

This section provides answers for frequently asked questions for hosted client data export.

Mitratech is now offering our hosting clients the ability to receive scheduled exports of  your TeamConnect data warehouse, for the purpose of building reports using 3rd party reporting tools outside of the Mitratech client hosted environment. 

How often can I get a copy of my data warehouse?

It is dependent on the size of the DW and so may vary from client to client. More specificity can be given after looking at the size, but most DWs can be exported daily while larger environments may need to be weekly. Monthly is an option as well. 

Is it a full export each time or can I get incremental updates after the first full download?

For now, it will be a full export each time.  We are exploring making incremental updates available in the future.

What technology is needed for my IT team to grab the data export?

The copy of your data warehouse will sit on a secure FTP server.  The backup file will need to be imported by your company and hosted on an Oracle database environment. Most clients who choose this option will work with their IT teams to automate the ingestion process and to wipe away and restore that database each time a new backup is generated per your schedule. Once imported, you can ETL the data, use it as a datasource, etc.

What infrastructure will we need in order to use our reporting tools against the data warehouse?

You will need to run an Oracle database environment. 

Can I get the data in SQL?

At this time, Mitratech can only offer data extracts in Oracle format.  If you need it in SQL, you can ETL it after downloading to your data center.

What is the cost and how long does it take?

There is no additional cost for the data export to your local data center.  Details of Mitratech housing the copy are still being worked out; we can discuss it with you by request.  Typically it takes 2-3 weeks to work out details and begin having data copies available for download.

How do I request this?

Reach out to your account manager.  They will connect you with the right people to begin discussing logistics. 

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