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Consolidated Tables

Three significant consolidated tables exist in the Data Warehouse dictionary:


These consolidated tables have the following corresponding column definitions as related tables:


...where XXXX is the unique entity code for a custom object type.

The difference between the tables and the consolidated tables is that any specific table (i.e. WH_PROJECT_XXXX) only contains information for one object type, but the consolidated table contains information for all object types combined. For example, suppose that your Data Warehouse contains tables WH_INVOLVED_CHDL and WH_INVOLVED_AUDT. In the first table, column INVOLVED_UNIQUE_CODE always contains the value "CHDL", and in the second table that column always contains "AUDT". However, in consolidated table WH_INVOLVEDS_VW, rows represent the rows from both of the two tables and, in the consolidated table, column INVOLVED_UNIQUE_CODE sometimes contains "CHDL" and sometimes contains "AUDT".

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