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Approving Rejected Tender Requests

This article gives the information about how to approve the Rejected Tender Requests.

Tender Request functionality is designed to be utilized by clients with Collaborati Spend Management (CSM) 4.0 Update 4 and later. Collaborati Spend Management users prior to version 4.0 Update 4 (4.0.4) can examine the CSM 4.0 Update 4 release notes found here for more detail.

TeamConnect users can change the status of a rejected ("not selected") tender request to approved ("selected") in the Tender Request view screen. Changing the phase to approved will reflect in the Collaborati home screen of the respective vendor.

Any budgets associated with the matter will be updated to reflect the new accepted tender request. The old information will not be erased; instead, TeamConnect will credit or debit the account with the new data.


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