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This guide gives the information about the input and output data processes in the History page.

Each time output or input data processes, the History page updates with a record of the action. This page includes a record even if the import or export is not successful.

To view history actions

  1. From AP Settings, click History in the left pane.
    You can see a list of all the input and output actions. See the History Table Fields table for a summary of descriptions.
  2. To view only input or output actions, click the View drop-down and select Output File Histories or Input File Histories.

History Table Fields

Column Field


Start Date and Time

The date the output or input action occurred.

Synchronization Status

The status of the action:

  • Success—The data exported or imported successfully.
  • Failed—An error occurred before the input or output action could finish. Open the log file to see a description of the error. See TeamConnect Logs for more information about log files.

Processing Duration

The amount of time the actions takes to process.

File Name

The name of the output or input file.

No. of Invoices

The number of invoices with the data.

Attachment Size

The size of the file.

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