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TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.3.7 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to Enhancements, Improvements and Resolved Issues for TeamConnect Business Intelligence version 6.3.7.

Enhancements and Improvements

Enhancement: Add request date information in workflow on TCBI reports.
Description: New fields named ‘Workflow Request Date' and ‘Number of Days Pending' are added to Account, Contact, Project, Involved, Appointment, Invoice and Task System objects. When users create reports for workflows, by default, these new fields are reportable for Project and Invoice objects only. Modifying scripts\<DBMS>\install\Customization\500_RemoveTablesColumns.sql file is needed to make workflow on other objects to be reportable.
For more information refer to TCBI Integration Guide link.
Tracking Code: TC-43339

Enhancement: Custom stand alone view for 'FirmTimekeeper' object.
Description: A new table view named ‘CSM Firm Timekeeper’ is added to TCBI to enable Firm Timekeeper custom fields for the demographic report and it is only limited to the Firm Timekeeper specific reporting only.The view may not be combined with any other objects in the report. This view appears only if users enable object custom fields according to their preferences and users need to refresh the structure of the ecube (TCBI_SchemaSync).
Tracking Code: TC-43469.

Enhancement: Set default values for ‘Diverse Timekeeper' field.
Description: When clients select the checkbox of Diverse Timekeeper on the Timekeeper/Firm Timekeeper records in TCBI under ‘Invoice Line Item Timekeeper Details’ view the field will be displayed as ‘Diverse’ instead of CHECKED. However, if the field is not checked, TCBI will display UNCHECKED.
Tracking Code: TC-43468

Enhancement: Add Timekeeper fields joined to contact records in ecube.
Description: A new table view named ‘Contact CSM Timekeeper Details’ added to TCBI will display the contact details of timekeepers from Collaborati and TeamConnect.
Disclaimer: In case the environment already has customization that does the same thing, this new table can be hidden by utilizing the script/<RDBMS>/install/ Customization/500_RemoveTablesColumns.sql file/.
Tracking Code: TC-42822

Resolved Issues

Issue: TCBI Group - Should include Active Users Only.
Description: If the users are deactivated from TeamConnect, users will be removed from TCBI after executing the user/group synchronization action.
Tracking Code: TC-42339
Case Number: 2022-0503-924859

Issue: TCBI 6.3 module update in the available updates fails.
Description: When users click on the available updates, they need to ensure that they are upgrading to TCBI. After the upgrade, the user must check the version number in the TCBI logs.
For more information, refer to TCBI Integration Guide link 
Tracking Code: TC-42310
Case Number: 2021-0920-833448

Known Issues

Issue: When multiple pivot tables are added to single dashboard and pivot tables consist of 5 or more columns, the resizing of the columns may not persist on the screen or when a scheduled report is sent by email.
Additional Information: If this issue is identified, a patch is available to fix it. For more assistance, please get in touch with customer support.
Tracking Code: TC-45624