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TeamConnect Technical Specifications

The following information contains the Technical specifications for TeamConnect Enterprise 6.2.

Application and Web Server Requirements

Hardware Requirements

To provide TeamConnect with sufficient Java heap space to operate optimally, the TeamConnect server must have enough memory and CPU capacity available to support the usage pattern and the number of users. 

  • These requirements are based on out of the box TeamConnect design.
  • Additional customization might change the system requirements needed for the application to run efficiently.
Number of Concurrent Users <100 100-300 300-500 500-1000
Processor 64-bit
Single CPU 2-4 Cores
2+ GHz
2x Dual Core or Single Quad Core
2+ GHz
2x Quad Core
2+ GHz
4x Quad Core 
2+ GHz
Java Heap Size 2-4 GB 2-4 GB 4-8 GB 8-16 GB

Supported Application and Web Servers

TeamConnect supports and is certified on the following application servers. Note: If using Tomcat 8.5, TeamConnect requires Java 8 (JDK 1.8) . If using Tomcat 9.0, TeamConnect requires Open JDK 11.1. 

Supported Versions Certified On Drivers
Oracle Weblogic 12c
  • For SQL Server databases, use WebLogic administration tools to create a JDBC data source. Use driver Oracle's MS SQL Server Driver (Type 4) Versions: 7.0 and later
  • For Oracle databases, create a JDBC data source that uses driver Oracle's Driver (Thin) Versions: 9.0.1 or later
WebSphere 9.0
  • For SQL Server databases, use Integrated Solutions Console to create a JDBC data source that uses driver "WebSphere embedded ConnectJDBC driver for MS SQL Server".
  • For Oracle databases, create a JDBC data source that uses driver "Oracle JDBC Driver"
  • For either database, set implementation type to "Connection pool data source"
  • WebSphere/IBM users need to download the proprietary Java 8 bundle: IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 8
Note: The Web Services Feature Pack for WebSphere is not supported.
Tomcat 8.5 8.5.5
  • For Oracle use ojdbc8.jar
  • For SQL Server, use a version 4 driver
  • For Tomcat 8.5, replace JSTL 1.1.2 with JSTL 1.2
See also the Additional Requirements for Tomcat 8.5.
  • Starting in TeamConnect 6.1, Tomcat 9.0 is supported.
  • For Oracle use ojdbc8.jar
  • For SQL Server, use a version 4 driver
  • For Tomcat 9.0, replace JSTL 1.1.2 with JSTL 1.2

For more information, see Application and Web Servers.

Supported Databases

TeamConnect Version Supported Versions Certified On
TeamConnect 6.2
(Note: we dropped support for SQL Server 2016 starting with 6.2.1)
Oracle 19c (starting in 6.2.4) 19.3
Oracle 12c R2
SQL Server 2017 (TCE 6.2+) 14.0.1000.169
SQL Server 2016 (only for TCE 6.2) 13.0.4224.16

For more information, see Database Requirements.

Web Browsers

  • Safari (current)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox (current)
  • Chrome (current)

For more information, see Web Browsers


Hardware Requirements

Mitratech recommends the use of three Elasticsearch nodes with each node on a separate server.

Requirements Per Server
Processor 4 Cores (If you need to choose between faster CPUs or more cores, choose more cores.)
RAM 16 GB minimum, 64 GB maximum
Cores 4
Java Heap Size Up to 50% system memory allocated, ideally 12-16 GB, 26 GB maximum 
JVM 50% system memory allocated

Software Requirements

  • TeamConnect 6.2 is only certified against Elasticsearch 7.1.1.
  • TeamConnect 6.1 is only certified against Elasticsearch 5.3.0.

TeamConnect offers Global Search as part of an integration with Elasticsearch, enabling robust, global searching of TeamConnect instances. The integration is configured in the file and uses the Elasticsearch Java API.

Additional Details

TeamConnect 6.1 supports Sharepoint Online and iManage 10 and 10.1 as out-of-the-box Document Management System (DMS) Integrations.

Elasticsearch 5.3.0 is the supported version for global search. After upgrading to Elasticsearch 5.3.0, users must re-index their TeamConnect instances.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 is required for Graphical Reporting Chart display.

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