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This chapter details the deployment steps for TeamConnect.


Important: Each release of TeamConnect includes some deployable files that are named differently from one version to the next, since the version number is included as part of the file name. You can always determine the exact file names for your version by examining the file TCE_readme_installer_contents.txt, which is in the root directory of the installation media. Refer to that file for the exact names of the TeamConnect .war file, the TeamConnect .ear file, and the TeamConnect online help .war file. Those files will be referred to in this publication by their generic names, not their explicit version-dependent names.

In order to proceed with deployment, you should have already run the Installer, as described in Running the Installer. The Installer should have output a .war and .ear file, which you will now deploy on your application server.

Note: .war Files can only be deployed on Apache Tomcat. Other application server platforms require you to deploy .ear files.

When you are finished with the steps in this chapter, see Verifying Installation to verify that you have installed TeamConnect successfully.

These instructions assume that your application server is successfully installed. For all details regarding the application server installation, please refer to the vendor's documentation.


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