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TeamConnect 5.0 Self-Paced Training: Navigation

This training video will give you an overview of TeamConnect 5.0 and demonstrate how to navigate through the application.

Password Reset - 0:40

Capture A1.PNG

Screen Layout - 1:26

Learn how TeamConnect screens are organized. 

Capture A2.PNG

Home Corner - 1:30

Learn about the Home Corner, including:  Preferences, Setup, Help, Tools, All, Recent and Bookmarks.

Capture A3.PNG

Home Pages - 6:26

Learn about Home Pages

Capture A4.PNG

Legal Tab - 7:07

Learn about the Legal Tab where all of the matters in the application are located. 

Capture A5.PNG

Financials Tab - 9:25

Learn about the Financials Tab where invoices and budgets are located. 

Capture A6.PNG

Contacts Tab - 11:10

Learn about the Contacts Tab where all Contacts are located, including internal and external contacts, people and organizations.

Capture A7.PNG

Activities Tab - 12:08

Learn about the Activities Tab where Appointments and Tasks are located. 

Capture A8.PNG

Documents Tab - 13:19

Learn about the Documents Tab where all documents that are stored in the application can be found.  

Capture A9.PNG

Reports Tab - 14:00

Learn about the Reports Tab where out of the box reports are located and custom reports can be designed using the Native Reporting Tool. 

Capture A10.PNG

Search Tab - 14:22

Learn about the Search Tab where results of a Global Search are displayed and filtered.  

Capture A11.PNG

Admin Tab - 14:42

The Admin Tab contains information used by the System Administrators and will not be visible unless you have the appropriate permissions.  

Capture A12.PNG

More Information - 15:20

More information can be found in the Client Success Center under TeamConnect.  

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