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TeamConnect 5.0 Self-Paced Training: Invoice Review and Approval

This video contains information related to invoice review, adjustment, rejection and approval.  It also includes tips and tricks to streamline the invoice review process.

Review of Invoice Screens - 0:28

Overview of the information contained on the invoice screens.

Capture C1.PNG

Line Item Review - 2:39

Learn about invoice line items.  

Capture C2.PNG

Sorting Line Items - 3:38

Learn how to sort line items and streamline the invoice review process. 

Capture C3.PNG

Adjusting Line Items - 5:13

Learn how to adjust a single line item. 

Capture C4.PNG

Bulk Line Item Adjustment - 6:22

Learn how to make bulk adjustments to invoice by UTBMS code, rate, etc.

Capture C5.PNG

Rejecting a Single Line Item - 7:58

Learn how to reject a single line items.

Capture C6.PNG

Approve, Reject and Forward Invoices - 9:29

Learn how to approve, reject and forward invoices to another person for review or approval. 

Capture C7.PNG

More Information - 11:05

More information can be found on the Client Success Center under TeamConnect How To Videos.

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