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Add a timestamp to widgets that shows the lastest ecube refresh

Display the last data sync on widgets

Report Designers can build a widget that displays when the last data sync happened. This allows users who access embedded dashboards or reports to view this time stamp information and know how current the information is without having to go into the Reports module and look.

The date and time will update accordingly each time the data refresh script is run.

Note:  This works on Oracle databases and MS Sequel.

  1. Log into your TeamConnect instance and navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. Create a New Widget
  3. Click the Data button and type Last Refresh Date to the search bar. Select this option with it appears.
    Repeat this step so there are 2 Last Refresh Date columns on the widget. 
  4. The Last Refresh Date will display in Years when it first selected. The next steps detail how to change the display to Day and Time.
  5. Click the three buttons on the first Years in Last Refresh button. Hover over the Group By (Years) option, then select Days
    Repeat this step for the other Years in Last Refresh button, but follow this path: Group By (Years) > Time > Minutes.

  6. Now, the widget should have 2 columns that display the day and time the last ecube refresh occurred. 


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