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Creating Different Types of Projects

Some projects may not exist independently and always require a parent project.

The following diagram illustrates the different types of projects.


Child Projects—You create child projects the same way you create parent projects. The only difference is that child projects require a parent project. See Child Projects for more information.

Embedded Projects—Embedded projects are child projects that you can only access from within their respective parent projects. In addition, you cannot search for embedded projects. See Embedded Projects for more information.

Child Projects

Some projects cannot exist independently, so they become child projects of parent projects. While a child project can only have one parent project, a child project can be a parent for other projects.

For example, if you file a claim in the insurance industry, your adjuster uses your original insurance policy to connect to the new claim. The policy is the parent record and the claim is the child record.

To create a child project

  • From the All tab, find the child project under its parent project. Create a new project using Creating a New Project.
  • Open an existing project and select another existing project as a parent in the Parent field on the General page. The project in the Parent field automatically becomes the parent project.
  • Add a new child project from an existing parent record. The original project automatically becomes the parent project.

Embedded Projects

Like involved records, embedded projects are child projects that you can only access or create from within their respective parent projects. Embedded projects never display in the All list and you cannot perform a search to locate them.

Caution: You cannot save embedded projects without saving their respective parent records.

Embedded projects have a number and a name to identify them and can be associated with a specific contact, such as a doctor in a medical report, or an arbitrator in an arbitration.

Unlike regular or child projects, embedded projects do not have the following:

  • Involved parties
  • Milestones
  • Accounts
  • Tasks
  • Child projects
  • Assignees
  • Phases
  • Wizards

To create an embedded project

  1. Open the parent record to which you want to add the new embedded project.
  2. Open the section of the record that displays embedded projects of the appropriate type, such as Agreements in a Contract.
  3. Click the New button to create an embedded project. See Creating a New Project for more information about creating a new project.
  4. Select a save option to save the parent project.
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