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Object Definition

A specification of all properties of a System Object or Custom Object. A TeamConnect Solution Developer TeamConnect Certified Professional may edit a System Object Definition to create custom rules, create additional search views, customize additional object views, create wizards, or create custom blocks, among other operations. A TeamConnect Solution Developer TeamConnect Certified Professional would create a new object definition for a custom object.

Properties that are part of an Object Definition include its name, icon, categories and custom fields, look and feel of corresponding records, search views, wizard contents for creating its Records, and associated rules, among other properties.

Object View

A layout definition of tabs, sections/blocks, and other user interface elements per object definition. For an object definition, you can create multiple object views as an alternate method of customizing the available system and custom blocks for an object's records. For each group account, you can set each object definition's default Object View as an alternate method of setting record rights.

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