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An object that provides the means by which connection pooling may be neatly hidden and performed. A DataSource object is a factory for Connection objects. An object that implements the DataSource interface will typically be registered with a JNDI service provider. A JDBC driver that is accessed via the DataSource API does not automatically register itself with the DriverManager. This is the preferred way of communicating with a data source (for example, a database) and provides a good alternative to using a DriverManager.

Debug Settings

Refers to a scenario when an administrator changes a logger's logging level to Debug. This results in the highest possible detail level of output to the log file. Setting a logger's logging level to Debug is useful to help troubleshoot an issue but afterward you should change the logging level to Warning (or a less verbose setting) to maintain optimal system performance.


System Object definition used to manage files, folders, shortcuts, or hyperlinks in the TeamConnect Documents area. Documents are usually "attached to" other TeamConnect Records by uploading a file from the Documents page of a TeamConnect record.

Additional files necessary for customization of TeamConnect are also uploaded as Documents. These include XML files for Custom BlocksCustom Actions for Java Rules, files included in Templates, and other files related to your customized system design.

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