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Entities used for tracking financial accounts or budgets electronically. Accounts are typically defined for transactions related to a project. In addition, posting criteria are typically defined per account (which financial transactions can post to the account).

Admin Rights

These are access rights to features available from the Admin tab in the user interface. These include user records, group records, Admin Settings area, and logger rights.

Administrator (TeamConnectAdmin user)

A user (such as TeamConnectAdmin) whose job responsibilities include creating or maintaining user and group accounts, specifying the appropriate admin settings for the organization, and managing logs.


A definition of a system or audit log. Appenders can be of various types, including SMTP, socket and file. File appenders are the most commonly used, as the logging statements are simply captured in a file. A log can be a general TeamConnect log, or it can be associated with a specific logger, so that it captures messages only from a certain TeamConnect area, such as portal panes or custom blocks.


A small utility written in Java. In TeamConnect, applets can be used for the document screen interface and the hierarchical item selector. If applets are enabled on the system, users can enable them for their own use on the Preferences tab of the Preferences screen.

Application Programming Interface (API)

A set of object classes that expose public methods the TeamConnect system.

A language and message format used by a program to communicate with an operating system, database management system, communications protocol, or some other control program. For TeamConnect, the Web Services API provides services equivalent to end-user functionality in the application user interface (UI).

application server

In a TeamConnect environment, the application server hosts the TeamConnect .WAR or .EAR file. In TeamConnect properties files, the application server might also be called the host.


A System Object that allows users to track their scheduled events, engagements, or meetings. Appointments are automatically available for custom objects.


In TeamConnect workflow process, an approval is an authorization action performed by a approver. After all required approvers perform approval actions on workflow requests, the original TeamConnect operation completes.


In TeamConnect workflow process, an approver is a user with the authority to approve or reject certain actions attempted by requestors. There can be several approvers at each level of an Approval process.

During an approval process, approvers may be able to send the approval request to reviewers for review before they make their decision. Approvers can view their approval requests on the My Approvals screen.


TeamConnect Users who are assigned to one or more Projects or Tasks. There can be one or several users assigned to a project. In projects each assignee can have a different role, such as attorney, agent, appraiser, paralegal, and so on. Typically, the main assignee is in charge of the whole project, whereas the rest of the assigned users are responsible for certain parts of the project. Tasks can have only one current assignee.


TeamConnect Users and members of Contact Groups who are expected to take part in an event, such as a meeting or conference call, for which there is an Appointment scheduled.


Permission to access a resource controlled by a server. Authorization typically occurs after a server evaluates the access control list (ACL) associated with a resource. The types of events that require authorization to TeamConnect include user login, running TeamConnect rules, and running Web Service requests.

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