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6.3.0 Known Issues

This is a living document that will report Known Issues at the time of a release and add new issues as they are reported. This document will also share the patch plan for reported issues.

How to Use this Document 

This document does not reflect all client cases submitted through Support and recorded in Salesforce. This lists reflects the cases that have been escalated to Engineering for further action. Client cases that have been escalated to Engineering will be in one of four categories:

SOH - Support Office Hours - tickets that are escalated where Support needs assistance from an Engineer to find a solution. Some SOH cases are moved into the queue for a bug fix. Some are closed through other means like a workaround, configuration change, etc.

QAQ - these are tickets escalated from Salesforce or SOH that likely need a bug fix. In this stage, Engineering is vetting the ticket information and verifying a bug fix is the right solution.

SUPPORTPRI - QAQ tickets get escalated to the SUPPORTPRI bucket when we’ve determined that a fix is required to solve the problem, the ticket information is good and we can reproduce the issue.

TC - Regression bugs logged by internal teams for a fix. These are typically low priority otherwise they would have been fixed before the release went out.

NOTE: If you, the Client, do not see one of your cases here that you believe needs to be escalated to Engineering, please reach out to your Support representative.

Issues Reported against TCE 6.3

(if reported on a 6.3 patch, it will be listed under the tracking code)

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
SUPPORTPRI-57949 Internal Numerical conditions for Assignee, Main Assignee and Contact are available in search view filters SOP Manager 5.1.1 Patch 6
SOP Manager 5.1.2
SUPPORTPRI-59982 Internal CSM Setting > Clearing Filter on Firm, Office Tab is redirecting user to Connection Tab TCE 6.2.8 Patch 1
TCE 6.3.2
SUPPORTPRI-62637 Client Task/Expense codes are not deactivated after deselecting the checkboxes TCE 6.2.8
TCE 6.3.3 Patch 15
TCE 6.3.4 Patch 2
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 1
TCE 6.3.6
SUPPORTPRI-63212 Internal End date for Rate Request is not populating correctly     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-62899 Client Data sync is not happening for contact sub objects in a cluster TCE 6.3.3 Patch 11
TCE 6.3.6
SUPPORTPRI-61353 Client No data is shown in Matter Budget Insight for an invoice with tax FMR 6.3.1 Patch 1
FMR 6.3.2
SUPPORTPRI-59351 Internal Numerical conditions should not be available for Assignee, Main Assignee and Contact     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-58000 Internal SOP - CT Project, Contact - Duplicate Object Views being created during installation     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-57999 Internal SOP - Setup - Unable to delete any field from SOP Mapping and Unable to Navigate to next page of SOP Mapping     Not Scheduled
SOH-3835 Client Spinning icon in the middle of the screen when trying to open the interactive line items     Fixed with configuration change
SOH-3716 Client Cannot deploy TC 6.3 on websphere liberty 6.3.0 when using datasource     Solved with updated setup instructions
SOH-3396 Client Issue with the rule qualifier while creating validation rule TCE 6.3.3 Patch 2 9/29/21 Issue fixed in TCE 6.3.3 Patch 2
SOH-3368 Client After upgrading TCE 6.2.2 to TCE 6.3, custom tool stops working     Fixed with configuration change
SOH-3155 Client Unable to drag email from the Outlook plugin to TC     Found that custom fields for Office and Outlook categories for Documents were missing
SOH-2850 Client Cannot deploy TCE 6.3.0 on Websphere Liberty 6.3 when using datasource     Bouncy castle issue requiring modified 1.68 jar file
QAQ-6922 Client Help button in Documents tab goes to Home Page in Client Success Center     Resolved with Workaround
  Workaround: Client is now accessing the tab through Global Navigation menu as a temporary workaround
Known Issues marked as Won't Fix

These issue were deemed low user path/low priority. If you see an issue in this list that affects your team, please contact TeamConnect Support.  

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
SUPPORTPRI-60852 Client CSM Upgrade to Version 6.3 from 6.2.5 causes missing custom messages     Issue no longer present after upgrade to CSM 6.3.1
SOH-3903 Client Production instance went down with too many redirect error pages     Won't Fix - No longer occurring
SOH-3863 Client Unable to Edit, view Recently Viewed records     Won't Fix - No longer occurring
SOH-2990 Client Unable to update the default rates details through XML script in the contacts     Feature Enhancement - Not a Bug
QAQ-7371 Client Issue with line item date     Closed - Ticket lacking enough detail
QAQ-6914 Client Maintenance window not working     Closed - Duplicate
QAQ-6779 Client CSM Upgrade to Version 6.3 from 6.2.5 missing custom messages     Closed - Duplicate
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