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TAP Advanced Training Video Series

Follow along as Business Analyst and TAP expert Cole Stewart covers various advanced topics for how to work within the TAP platform.


Episode 1 - Workspace setup, Best Practices, & Geometric Elegance

Cole explains the ideal workspace setup within which to work with TAP, including which monitors to use and how to best work within the web browser. Cole then explains the basic best practices for working within the workflow designer and how to configure stages and relationships for the best ease of use.

Episode 2 - Dynamic Role Assignment with Formulas P. I

Cole showcases the power of formulas by demonstrating a dynamic approver assignment based on how the user fills out the form.


Episode 3 - Dynamic Role Assignment with Formulas P. II

This is Part 2 of how to set up a dynamic role assignment using formulas

Episode 4 - Formulas Part III, Workflow Templates, and Hidden Fields

Part 3 of how to perform dynamic role assignments using formulas. Cole ends this episode with an explanation of workflow templates and how to use hidden fields.

Episode 5 - Conditional Caveats Pt. I

Cole explains how to best work with show / hide conditions and how to avoid common pitfalls and wonky behavior.


Episode 6 - Conditional Caveats Pt. II

Cole continues his explanation of how best to work with conditions.


Episode 7 - Dashboard & Generic Grid Configuration

Cole explains how to use the dashboard, its various tools, and the generic grid configuration to set up pinned dashboard filters for groups of users.


Episode 8 - Document Builder & Conditional Content Placement

Cole explains why and how you'd use the document builder and it's key unique feature: conditional content placement.


Episode 9 - Multiple Parents for a Data Source Pt. I

Cole walks through the most technically sophisticated functionality yet showcased in this series: how to configure multiple parents for a single dropdown/data source. The skill set needed to set up this kind of functionality will serve in numerous other aspects of your TAP life.


Episode 10 - Multiple Parents for a Data Source Pt. II

Part II of how to set up multiple parents for a single dropdown/data source.

Episode 11 - Multiple Parents for a Data Source Pt. III

The 3rd and final part of how to set up multiple parents for a dropdown/data source.





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