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Design Considerations for Data Interaction

This page explains how to reopen or edit closed requests.

When designing your workflows it is important to understand your long term expectations of interacting with the data in your workflow requests. Below are some common items to consider.

Do you want to be able to reopen closed requests?

Requests cannot be reopened once they are closed. If you want a way to “re-open” records, consider building an auto-submit stage after the record is "closed" that allows the request to be reopened until a certain period of time is reached at which point it closes permanently

Do you want to be able to edit closed requests?

Requests cannot be edited when they are closed. If you want a way to edit requests when they are “closed” consider building a stage at the end of the workflow where the request remains and is accessible to administrators. 

Do you want fields available in the TAP dashboard?

If fields are not added to the repository, they will not be available in the dashboard. If you have forgotten to add a field to the repository and do so at a later date, only the requests going forward will have a value for said field in the dashboard.

What do you want your Tags/Element Names to be?

When these tags/names are changed and your are including these fields in the dashboard, a new column with the new name will be available to add to the dashboard. Requests that were initiated with the old name of the field will continue to have data values in a column named with the old name. Please also keep in mind that these tags should not use special characters or spaces. 


If at any time you do you require changes to the data in your workflow that was not accounted for in design or the design has changed, you may request an estimate Mitratech Services team to make write, test, and implement custom data scripts for the change. Mitratech Services is a billable services team. 

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