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Questions and answers from the "Increasing Efficiency in eCounsel" webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

Is there a way to post a public bookmark so all individuals will see the bookmark instead of them adding individually?

The bookmarks are going to be specific for each user. The best way to have multiple users have the same bookmarks is to utilize the Custom Links widget on the homepage.

  1. In Suite Manager, select Widgets in the third row of the main menu.
  2. Highlight the row for Custom Links (be sure the program in the second column is eCounsel). Then, click edit.
  3. In the box that appears, define the Name and the URL of up to 10 links.

Users (with appropriate privileges) will be able to add the Custom Links widget to serve as a reference for creating bookmarks. Alternatively, you can also define Home Page templates and assign them to groups of users.

What information should I include in an email to support?

Be sure to include the a) product name and version, b) a detailed description of the issues and steps taken to cause/replicate the problem, c) a verbatim copy of the error message or screenshots, d) tell us if the issue affects a single user, e) multiple, or a subset, f) tell us when the problem started, g) the name and version of the web browser, and h) any steps you have already taken to address the issue.

Does the copy matter wizard use the current date on the matter you are creating or does it keep the date of the original matter?

By default, the open date remains the same. The open-date can easily be changed when running the wizard or the date can be changed by editing an individual matter.

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