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Crystal Reports

Suite includes the ability to run server-side Crystal Reports by using i-net Clear Reports (formerly i-net Crystal-Clear) or SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform. Installation of the necessary components is included in the Suite installation program. Suite applications are based on a three-tier architecture, which means the software that the user interacts with does not have a direct connection to the database. Crystal Reports does not support such architecture in its native form. Crystal Reports must have a direct connection between itself and the database in order to design and print reports. To maintain security, Crystal Reports can be used in conjunction with i- net Clear Reports/Business Objects and eCounsel and/or Secretariat. You must also have a Java server available to all applicable users.

i-net Clear Reports

It is also necessary to obtain a license key for i-net Clear Reports, which can be acquired from Mitratech. Instructions for registering the product will be sent via e-mail. You will need to submit an e-mail to and include the IP address of the application server where Suite is installed.

Templates created in Crystal Report 9 or higher must be converted before they can be used in Suite. This conversion is done using the Report Reader tool available from Mitratech. For more information on converting reports, see the section “Upgrading Custom i-net Clear Reports Templates” in the Suite Installation Guide.

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform Integration

Suite includes integration with SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform for running Crystal Reports. When these premium features are implemented, your company will be able run all standard and custom Crystal Reports through the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform.

All Business Objects reports that are imported using Suite Manager import as non-widget compatible, meaning that the report cannot be placed on the home page in the Business Objects Crystal Reports widget. To change the setting, a user with the Report Administrator security attribute must edit the report and select the report to be widget compatible.

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