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Adding a Property to a Document Class

Properties must be added manually to each class individually.

  1. In the navigation pane of the M-Files Admin Tool, expand the mfiles_local_computer.jpg Local Computer and mfiles_document_vaults.jpg Document Vaults nodes.
  2. Expand the node for your document vault and expand the Metadata Structure (Flat View) node for that vault.
  3. Double-click the Property Definitions node. The Property Definitions pane appears on the right.
  4. While keeping the Property Definitions pane in view, navigate to the appropriate document class in the navigation pane.
  5. Drag and drop the new property from the Property Definitions pane into the class in the navigation pane. If you are adding a new property to an existing class, make sure the new property appears before the Allow Edit Rights property. (For more information, see the section on Property Grouping.)

To remove a property from a class, right click the property in the navigation pane and select Delete. It will be removed from the class but not completely deleted.

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